Thursday, February 20, 2014

her first friends

Bailey has been asking begging for months to have two friends from preschool over to play. I have been putting her off since November. 

Her birthday seemed like a good time to dive into the big-kid world of having friends over.

Obviously Bailey was ecstatic to have Hailey and Jesse over, but Avery was perhaps more excited than even the birthday girl. She spent the entire time trying to get their attention and was constantly copying everything the "big girls" did. Bailey was very sweet and didn't mind Avery tagging along, although I can see that changing in the near future.

Clearly, none of them enjoy dress-up.

All four girls got to top their very own mini pizzas.
I can't even tell you how many times I answered the question  
Can we just try a little?
Avery doesn't typically wait for permission, and this time was no exception. More cheese went into her mouth than on her pizza.

Everyone needed their own princess cup. 
And only pink or purple plates were acceptable.
Duh, Mom.

This birthday girl has always loved dessert.

Hearing all the giggles and seeing the look of pure happiness on Bailey's face as she ran room to room with her little friends in tow made the day (and the excessive volume) all worth it. 
And let's just say I am glad we fed them cupcakes at the end of the day rather than the beginning...

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  1. (sigh) -- best EVER!!
    Bailey is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!


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