Thursday, May 3, 2012

The last month in pictures

It's been a while, so I thought I would post photos of what our life has looked like over the past few weeks.

We put in a garden in the backyard.
And by "we" I really mean that Jared, my dad, and my grandpa Ronnie put in a garden in the backyard. I did supervise though. {Someone has to stop the kids from playing under the skid loader.}

Here's the hubby hard at work.

And Grandpa Ronnie,
who likes to use his machinery to (and I quote) "tear some shit up." 
Unfortunately he already tore up the disgusting, overgrown bushes that surrounded the house last fall, so he had to settle for moving some dirt instead.

Bailey was distracted from all the action by playing in her new sandbox. New meaning new to her and sandbox really meaning an old piece of junk my dad found that he filled with sand. But hey, it kept her happy and entertained. Oh, and dirty. Did I mention dirty?

She really dug in and got after it. Sister knows her way around some sand.

We had a few nice days to go outside.  For Easter my parents bought the girls a Little Tikes swing for the front yard. Bailey has gotten plenty of use out of it already. Almost daily she puts on her shoes and stands at the front door yelling "swing! swing!"

The one time I put Avery in it, Bailey stood there and pitched a fit until I took Avery out and put her in instead.
Ehh, oh well.

Avery wasn't that into it anyway. There were way more fun things to do out in the yard, like covering yourself with mud and attempting to eat rocks. 
[success with both, I might add.]

My mom has been working a few Sundays this month, leaving my poor, helpless dad at home without food. (Try to suppress your eye rolling.) So he has been our guest for a couple Sunday dinners. This has given him some extra chances to coax Avery into liking him. Her tolerance is almost bordering on genuine approval lately.

{And I will have you note that my dad is rocking the Jay Leno jean-on-jean look.}

This weekend will be busy with activity. I am throwing a purse party at our house on Saturday afternoon. We are going to have chocolately snacks - and wine per Justina's demands - and buy cute purses that we absolutely need.  Jared's mom is arriving late Saturday afternoon to spend a few days with us.
Then Sunday is Avery's first birthday!

We are celebrating by inviting family to grill out, eat cake, and watch Avery open presents. And seeing as I wrapped Avery's gifts this week just to find Bailey unwrapping them about ten minutes later, I know a certain someone who will open them if Avery isn't up for the challenge.

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