Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our weekend

The girls and I started off our weekend on Saturday morning at the Gala Day's parade in Lytton.  Bailey got really into the candy collecting thing. So much so that when we tried to empty her overflowing bucket into the stroller, she freaked out and began frantically collecting it from the stroller rather than from the street.  Apparently that really set her off because this is the only picture I could get from her:

Doesn't her facial expression just scream "I love parades!"  ??

Avery sat back all relaxed and enjoyed the views from her stroller - as long as some Goldfish snacks were within reach. As soon as the candy was collected, she busied herself with trying to sneakily steal a tootsie roll and eat it without me noticing. {Unsuccessfully I might add.}

Later that afternoon after a lunch consisting of hot dogs, nachos and pie, Bailey went on her first carnival rides. She had already mastered the Bouncing Barn (are we in Iowa or what?) and it was time to move on to the elephants. The elephants moved up and down as they went around in a circle and I was chosen to ride along.  Grandpa Jeff even went for a ride on the elephants at Bailey's insistance. Unfortunately, there are no photos to document this momentous occasion because Avery passed out in the double stroller and we couldn't reach the camera stored underneath. She napped and missed the kiddie races, which is okay. She totally would have showed up the other crawlers and made them feel bad. Let me tell ya, when Sister puts her head down and really throws it into high gear, there is no catching that crawling machine.

On Sunday afternoon we loaded up in the car and headed for Omaha. We met up at Fe's house and hung out. We did the usual: laughed, ate, and slept. It was a short visit, but after the way both girls behaved while we were at the restaurant Sunday night, everyone was probably okay with that.

And speaking of laughs, Fe had the season finale of American Idol recorded. She wanted to show us a particular part of the show that she thought we might like. And like we did. More like we were all laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. It's Jennifer Holliday singing a song with the runner-up Idol contestant Jessica. In case you missed it, here it is. And it's hilarious. [You probably need the full-screen version to get the full effect.]

My favorite is the end when the camera is zoomed in on the Idol contestant Jessica and Jennifer Holliday sticks her head in the shot and makes the most ridiculous face. Seriously - while I was watching it, I felt like it was a skit off Saturday Night Live or something. And what adds to the performance (besides the fact that she makes the funniest faces I have ever seen) is that her wig looks like it is going to up and fly off her head with one more shake. I had no idea who Jennifer Holliday was before, but now I am sure I won't forget anytime soon.

Monday morning we went to the Henry Doorly Zoo with Beaner. We had the double stroller loaded down with a cooler of drinks and a diaper bag full of snacks. It was crowded, which we expected since it was Memorial Day and the weather was supposed to be beautiful. We hadn't been to the zoo for 2 years. The last time we went was when Bailey was about 6 or 7 months old, so we were overdue. Both girls enjoyed themselves, Bailey especially. On the drive down to Omaha we practiced the names of all the animals we would see at the zoo. Jah-raff, ell-phants, zebb-rah, lion, piggies...  (Yes, my child thought we were going to see pigs at the zoo.) She was getting pretty good. So what if we didn't see elephants and I don't even think they have zebras. She was pumped to see any animal at all. 

She liked the petting zoo almost as much as her daddy did. And really, mini goats are freaking adorable. (And while it looks like she is about to backhand this poor little goat, I promise that no animals were abused by us during our time at the zoo.)

The favorite area for both girls was the aquarium. Bailey loved running back and forth chasing after the same penguin as it swam from wall to wall. I don't have many pictures from the zoo because we brought our smaller, lower-quality camera and many just didn't turn out well, but I will post a couple anyway.

Bailey was mesmerized by the jellyfish and would have stood in front of their aquariums all day if we would have let her. 

Avery just looked and looked at all the brightly colored fish swimming in front of her. From time to time she would stick out a chubby little finger and point to one as it swam in front of her. (Pointing is our newest trick.) There was also some excited gibberish being said too.  

After a long day of walking and pushing a heavy stroller, we were all pooped. I think the family picture we took adequately shows the kinds of moods the girls were in.

Avery = sucking her thumb.  Bailey = whiny crying. 
Basically summing up why nap time is crucial for small children.

We had a good trip to the zoo and are very thankful Aunt Beaner was there to lend her amazing teacher skills (aka patience with whiny small children).  Plus she also took turns pushing our heavy stroller.  :)  And while it was nice to get out and have plans for the weekend, it was also just as nice to get home, put the kids to bed, and plop down on the couch last night.

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  1. OMG! I did not know who Jennifer Holliday was either but that was hilarious! Was that for real? Is that how she always looks when she sings?!? LOL!!

    We are going to the zoo in a couple weeks for Brayden's birthday! I'm excited! We always start out on the jungle side and run out of time by the time we get to the petting zoo! We will have to either go backwards this year or get there much sooner!


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