Sunday, September 9, 2012

Adventures in potty training

It's now that special time in the Solko household: potty training time.

Bailey has been a loyal supporter of Huggies for a good 2 1/2 years now... It's time.
And it's actually been going well. So far.

For any of you that know Bailey, you will agree that she is quite the independent child. Never wanting to be picked up or coddled, she has always insisted on doing her own thing. So for that reason (and some others, including my own sanity), we haven't pushed the issue. We bought a potty chair when she was around 18 months old. So for the past year, it has just been sitting in our bathroom collecting dust. She would occasionally ask to sit on it. She liked the novelty of it, but was not about to actually sit on it and use it. I have heard from other parents in the past and most of their advice was to not rush it. So we didn't.

Until Jared decided yesterday that it was time to start trying for reals.
So like any good parent would do, he used the logic he would use to potty train a dog...
-Yes, I am serious.- 
He literally filled Bailey full of juice and then kept an eye on her. Then every 15 minutes he would take her to the bathroom until finally she went.  Apparently after enough cheering and hoopla over the event, she decided that using the toilet was fun. So she did it again. And again. Not a single wet diaper the rest of the day. She stayed dry overnight and used her big-girl potty first thing in the morning.
Hallelujah! for progress.

Despite said progress, we did have a wet diaper today while in church.
(Which is another story in itself. Sorry for cutting out early, Jesus, but the other parishioners probably appreciated it. Toddlers + Church = No Bueno.)
The rest of the day was good though. Bailey even got herself out of the tub tonight during her bath to sit and use the potty. Which is a good thing because Avery keeps sneaking drinks of the bath water...

So for now we will keep our fingers crossed that the novelty of being a "big girl" doesn't wear off too quickly. It would be nice not to have three children in diapers at once... Yuck.
Thank God for Costco!

And on a totally unrelated note - the blog has a new header - Finally! Because I suck at all things photo editing and can't do the most basic computer tasks (like replacing the header so it doesn't have a picture of Avery at 5 months-old on it...), Jared made one for me. And it took him like two seconds.
Thanks love, for putting my blog header at the top of your honey-do list today.  :)


  1. 1st - the header is totally cute! I love fall!!!

    2ndly - I'm BEYOND impressed at Bailey -- hot damn thats amazing! I hope she keeps it up!!!!

  2. That's fantastic! Totally love the training her like a dog...I was loudly clapping at Soph yesterday while I said "No!" trying to get her to stop doing didn't work.


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