Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gone Country

Harvest is in full swing.
And it's a record early one.
My dad doesn't remember ever being in the field by their anniversary on September 10th.
A year to remember for sure.

My dad runs the combine and my mom drives the dump cart to unload on the go.

This past week we planned a visit to see Papa and "Gamma" in the field. I was wondering how well Bailey would do with a ride in any piece of machinery since this is what happened last time:

Complete hysterics.
{It's hard to believe this is the same child... Time flies.}
This time was completely different. She LOVED riding with her papa in the combine. She got to turn the steering wheel and push buttons (not always at appropriate times, mind you). 
She was pretty excited about the whole thing.
And I think my dad was enjoying himself, too.
Bailey made herself right at home. Once I vacated the cab, she situated herself on the spare seat and commanded my dad to buckle her in. Give the girl some fruit snacks and she would have been good to go for a few hours.  At least.
Avery also enjoyed herself. Every time my mom would pull along side us in the field she would clap and wave and yell "Hi!" at the top of her little lungs. She plopped herself on the floor and was content to stare out of the big windshield at all the corn disappearing before her eyes.
After a few rounds it was time to explore all the corn stalks (and dirt in Avery's case).
{Check out those boots. She is pretty proud of them.}
I am sure we'll be making another trip to ride in the combine this fall since it was a big hit.
(And so Jared can practice taking more pictures of the girls.)
Happy Harvest!


  1. Can you imagine what was going on in their little heads? I'd say they definitley loved it! Jared did a great job with pictures ... the girls are SO BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait to see the 3rd (girl or boy)! Keep bakin' in there tho lil one! It does seem early ... like REALLY early for harvest doesn't it? Weird summer/weather tho I guess will do it!

  2. Love your blog, love the family pictures.


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