Tuesday, September 25, 2012

30 weeks

Today was Baby's 30-week growth ultrasound. They just do a quick view for measurements to make sure Baby is growing adequately because of my high-risk status. 
Estimated weight:  3 lbs 9 oz  (60th percentile)
Estimated gestational age: 31 weeks
Heart rate:  157
Presentation: head down  (Yay!)
I am pretty stoked about the whole head-down part. My breech baby Bailey never did flip and Avery did around 34 weeks. So I am feeling ahead of the game this time around!
[Let's go, VBAC #2!]

Like I said, it was a quick ultrasound, but the tech did print me off a picture or two.
Not sure why the tech always thinks she has to type "face" into all the pictures...
And here from this head-on view, our baby looks like a smooshed alien...
It also doesn't help that Baby has its little hand over its face.
{I basically just posted this picture so my sister Fe can stare at it for 15 minutes straight and not make out so much as an eye.}

So that's it. Just another normal appointment - which I love.
We are still blissfully unaware of baby's sex.
And also (less blissfully) unsure as to what Baby's name might possibly be - although I feel like we *might* be making some progress in that department.

Baby's arrival is starting to feel closer.
We still have some things to accomplish.

Jared seems to be in the all-too-common Man LaLa-Land. He seems to lose track of how fast the weeks go and has it in his head that we have months and months left. This past weekend I reminded him that by my original dates, I would be 31 weeks pregnant. And my water broke with Bailey at 36 weeks to the day. So after doing some quick math... that is 5 weeks. You never know when Baby will decide it's time...
Cut to a few hours later -
Jared is hard at work, sanding down the baby's dresser that needs restained. 
Now if only both of us could be as motivated to pick out that pesky baby name!


  1. You look SO GOOD Vanessa!!! Yay for normalcy right? Men seem to not have that "impending" date thing hardwire into them.

    I'm going to be on Fe with the 2nd picture btw...I can NEVER pick out the features on the more abstract ones haha The first picture you can tell the lil Solko has the prettiest lil features...boy or girl...look at those pouty lips!!!

  2. You look so beautiful! What a gorgeous belly! (and I know, I see a lot of pregnant bellies ;) )


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