Tuesday, September 11, 2012

28 weeks

Hello Third Trimester!
28 weeks... And I am going to go ahead and admit it:
exactly that many pounds as well.
Just how does a person gain 8 pounds in 4 weeks? Really?  *sigh*
Oh well. I gained 40 with both of my previous pregnancies and lost it all - thank you breastfeeding - so I am not stressing about it. It still hurts your pride a little though to watch the increasing numbers on the scale.
But on a positive note, no one called me "enormous" or "huge" today!
(Although I wouldn't put it past my OB judging from past behavior ...)

And while Baby better not show up for a while yet, all the clothes are washed and the tiny little baby booties are ready and waiting. Some other projects are still in the works - like repainting a dresser and acquiring some itty-bitty diapers. And the whole enjoying-my-sleep-while-I-still-can thing. I work hard on that every, single day.


  1. Oh.my.GOODNESS!!! You look BEAUTIFUL!!! I don't think u look all that big? And uhm, u get bigger faster with the more u have ... Body/muscle memory! I'm gonna judo-chop the next ra-tard that says that to u ... Just sayin....


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