Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Dentist and this week in pictures

We have had a busy few days around here.

Thursday morning we loaded up at 7 AM when Jared got home from work (my poor husband is always losing sleep...) and headed to Omaha for Bailey's pediatric dentist appointment. Because I wasn't smart enough to have bananas or another easy-to-eat food for the road, the girls got donuts and cheese sticks.  Breakfast of champs for sure. Thanks to my lead foot and amazing traffic-free roads, we made good time.

This was Bailey's first time at this new dentist.  It was a great experience.  They have a brand-new office and only take pediatric patients.  It's nice to be able to plop down in a waiting room chair to fill out paperwork and not worry about what the girls could be destroying. Everyone there - receptionists, hygienists, the dentists - loves kids. You can just tell. No one is giving you an Ugh, control your kid  look.

I wasn't too sure how Bailey would do with the teeth cleaning or examination. As it turns out, she was pretty psyched to watch the large model train drive around the top of the room on a track, so it went well. After examining the tools and talking to the hygienist, she laid down on the dental chair and let the hygienist clean her teeth from start to finish without any protest. Afterward the dental hygienist told me that 90% of 2 year-olds won't even sit on the chair, let alone lay down and let someone clean their teeth. So Bailey did great!  Sadly, it's because she has had lots of practice with strange people poking around at her face and in her mouth since birth, but I was proud of her regardless.

The dentist, Dr. Matt Schieber, came and introduced himself. He was extremely patient and not rushed, which allowed Bailey to get used to him. She opened right up for him while he examined all her teeth and did pretty well seeing as he had sharp metal objects in her mouth. After he was finished examining her, Bailey was pretty wiggly. The hygienist turned to Bailey and said, "Let's get a sticker and go play" and off they went. (How awesome would that job be?) Meanwhile Dr. Matt and I chatted about Bailey's current status and all the things that would be coming down the road with her cleft and teeth.

Right now our main priority is to prevent cavities because any loss of bone is a big deal in cleft kids. So that means keeping a close eye on juice intake (4 oz or less) and making sure she only gets water at non-meal times, along with good brushing habits. Thankfully Bailey LOVES to brush her teeth and has for quite some time. Down the road there will be frequent x-rays to monitor when her permanent teeth are close to coming in and eventually an expander - a retainer-like device with a key that turns to expand her palate - around age 6 or 7. After that comes a bone graft to deposit bone into the gap in her gums where the cleft is, which allows her permanent teeth to come into good, healthy, solid bone.  All this is far off in the future, but it was good to be reminded again of the process just so I have it all in my head.

Overall, we liked the office and the people. Dr. Schieber was very knowledgeable and I liked him immediately. We truly have been blessed with great people to be a part of Bailey's health care team. People we trust. It is great to meet these health care professionals and feel like they have time to talk to you and answer all your questions. And that they want to do what is absolutely best for your child. So if any of you need a great cleft surgeon or a great pediatric dentist in the Omaha area, here are my recommendations. :)

Since we had to come to Omaha anyway, we stayed an extra day and spent time with Fe. We met for lunch after Bailey's dental appointment and then did some quick shopping. Later in the day while Jared took a nap, we went to a local park where the girls proceeded to have more fun playing with random sticks in the sand than any actual play equipment. We met Catrina for supper so that the girls could get their Aunt Beaner fix in too. Thankfully later that night the girls were exhausted from a busy day and sacked out right away. The next day was short  - breakfast and a "quick" trip to Costco and we were on the road again.

During the course of the morning, I snapped off this one picture before my camera died.
{Sorry I couldn't photoshop any make-up onto you, Fe!}
Later that night at the supper table, Bailey's nose promptly started leaking like a sieve. By bedtime she was so stuffed up and congested, we could hear her mouth-breathing in her sleep from downstairs. And like clockwork, Avery started the same thing yesterday. So it has been two nights of less-than-quality sleep. (Because sucking your thumb doesn't work so well when you can't breathe through your nose...) And despite a whine-filled day today, tonight both girls seemed much better. At least there was no crying when it came time for bed. Hopefully tonight is more restful for all of us.
And on a side note: potty training is still going well! Today we were accident free and every single time Bailey successfully went in her potty within one minute of sitting down. (The waiting 15 minute stuff was making Mommy a wee bit impatient.) So far so good!
And now for some other random pictures from the last week or so...

Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend!

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