Monday, October 1, 2012

October already

It's beautiful out today. I have some windows open and I can hear the leaves falling in earnest now. The backyard is beginning to fill up with them. The weather is perfect - still cool but supposed to reach the 70s by this afternoon. I have fall scented candles lit around the house. Now I just need an apple pie baking in the oven. {Need is perhaps the wrong word.}

I can't really believe it is October already, and that another week has begun. The last one flew by quickly.

On Wednesday Justy made the trip with me to Ames for an endocrinologist appointment. She came under the pretense of helping with the girls, but she was definitely in it for lunch at Hickory Park. Love that place. I could practically drink their delicious buttermilk ranch. Plus it's always busy with a constant hum of activity so I don't have to be as worried about keeping the girls quiet. The appointment was fine and the ice cream afterward was even better.

My sisters Fe and Beaner were back this weekend for a visit. So on Friday night the whole family loaded up to go out to eat together. That happens very infrequently, and for it happen during harvest time is a rarity. It was nice to be together, but even nicer to just hang out casually on Sunday watching football.

As busy as last week was, this week should be the opposite. I don't have to work until the weekend, so we have some open, free days ahead of us. So I have decided to make it my goal to accomplish the tasks I have been putting off around the house. For example, the pile of clutter that is just sitting on top of the fridge - most of which doesn't even belong in the kitchen. And the closet in the spare bedroom that apparently just sucks in random items, never to be seen again.

I am crossing my fingers to stumble across a vase we have been looking for for the past few weeks. It is an ugly, shiny brown vase that we received as a wedding present. But oddly enough, it looks great with fall flowers and leaves in it - which is the only season we ever use it. And I can't find it anywhere. Apparently it went into hiding along with Jared's power drill battery charger.

But during the search, I have found quite a few things that made their way into the Goodwill donation box.
I seriously love donating things.
(I just cannot understand hoarders. If Jared were like that... A total deal-breaker. Massive irreconcilable difference.)
I like cleaning out our closets and finding things I know we don't use and that someone else might. I like the feeling of making more room and accomplishing a higher level of organization, even though it is probably only in my head.

Also high on my list is my goal to accomplish all my Christmas tasks by the end of this month. As in: shopping complete and wrapping done, resulting in a nice pile of gifts waiting in the basement until December 25th. Because, as you might have already heard, we are expecting the arrival of a needy little baby in November. And I do not want to have to take said baby into crowded stores, filled with coughing, sniffling people. [Plus it is gonna be cold out. Enough said.]

But I am getting ahead of myself. Back to this week:
Hopefully I can tie up some of these household loose ends and feel more prepared for Baby's arrival. It's starting to sink in that I will soon have zero free time and even less energy to do menial tasks like organizing the pantry. And maybe the girls and I can enjoy some backyard play time and stroller rides before the temps drop dramatically - and probably for good.

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