Tuesday, October 9, 2012

32 weeks

Another week gone by.

Another week closer to finding out if we have a little brother or sister to add to our bunch.
Or if you ask Bailey her opinion on the sex of the baby, she will tell you "brother-sister." Apparently she either can't choose or it's going to be a hermaphrodite.
Time will tell.

32 weeks is a big week - according to pregnancy books at least.
It's the week where you can take comfort in the knowledge that "almost every baby born at this gestation does well and goes on to live a normal, healthy life."
And after seeing friends who have struggled with pre-term babies and long NICU stays, every week that goes by is much appreciated by me.

Overall, I still feel pretty great.
There are a few moments out of each day that I am uncomfortable. Especially since Baby loves to wedge his or her little butt high up into my right ribs. Apparently that is the sweet spot because that is where Avery and Bailey each liked to be too.

But other than that, I still get a good night's sleep every night - or I would if everyone in our house would stop getting cold after cold! We all know poor Avery needs to be able to furiously suck her thumb and a plugged nose just isn't really helping things.

And I feel like I am doing pretty well energy-wise.
{Or as good as can be expected with a 2 1/2 year old and a 17 month old.}
I am however realizing the perks of a single-story house like I had with my first two pregnancies. Those stairs are a real killer by 7 pm...

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