Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The whole family went trick-or-treating last night, along with Grandma Sherri and Aunt Justy.
Bailey was a cheerleader.
Avery was a chicken.

And while we got lots of great pictures last year of Bailey hamming it up in her bee costume, this year we didn't do so well.

In fact we got only one picture of the girls together, and Lord knows neither one of them could be bothered to look at the camera. {And this was before the sugar high, mind you.}

And while I loved Bailey's costume last year, I have to admit I really loved watching Avery run around dressed up as a chicken.
It was even cuter when she would randomly say, "Bock! Bock!"

Bailey definitely has the hang of this candy stuff now.
She was all about marching up to people's front doors and saying those magic words that grant you your pick of treats. I was impressed with her manners and self-control at only taking one piece of candy. I was also impressed that she knew enough to pick a Snickers candy bar from the full-size ones offered at one home. Way to go, Bailey. Makin' Mama proud...

Avery... wasn't such a huge fan of it all.
She went up to about 3 or 4 houses, with me basically dragging her along behind me. She did say thank you after getting a piece of candy, but that was about it. Back in the stroller she went. She was content to be pushed around by Daddy - especially because riding gave her more time to gnaw open candy wrappers.

We made our way to Linda's house.
Linda has been a huge Halloween lover as long as we have known her. As kids we spent many a Halloween trick-or-treating from her house (we lived in the country) and eating Casey's pizza afterward. She would dress up every year and still loves to get in the Halloween spirit.

The picture we took with Linda basically summed up our 2012 Halloween experience:
Adults laughing.
Avery whining/crying.
Bailey digging for the next piece of candy to eat.

I hope everybody has a great Halloween. And enjoy all the candy. I know I have been.


  1. Their outfits are the best Vanessa! I had a dream you had lil Solko #3 the 1st week of November. I'm pretty awesome so it's probably gonna happen haha

    So Linda looks super fun and I LOVE people like her -- they make things fun! YOU shouldve worn a tight orange shirt with a pumpkin painted on your belly :) I'm sure that would've just been SOOOOO thrilling for you hahaha

    J got all "good for you" treats for Halloween! What the frick! Only like 1 peice of chocolate candy -- I feel robbed!!! haha And that one piece went to trying to get her to taste it because it easily melts and I can bite pieces off for her to try. No worries, I ate her baked cheetos with my subway last night so I got a treat too haha

    1. BAKED cheetos? Who are these people?! ;) We found the house that hands out full-size candy bars, so we will be making that a must-stop every Halloween. :D It looks like Jocelyn had a great Halloween. For a "ghetto" costume it looked pretty damn cute. If you want to see ghetto, you need to check out some of the pictures of the stuff my sisters and I had to wear back in the day - I am talking dollar bin reused for 10 years!

  2. Halloween with Linda was always awesome!


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