Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween prep

Nothing like a little last minute pumpkin carving!

Each girl had her own personal "baby pumpkin" to decorate.
{According to Bailey we had a Mommy pumpkin, a Daddy pumpkin, and two baby pumpkins.}
Bailey took her job of pumpkin decorating very seriously.
And Avery, not to be trusted, whined until she got a non-working pen.
Hey, it made her happy.
Justy claimed she hadn't carved a pumpkin in the last 12 years, so we had to change that.
Some might say she was a little overzealous on the plan for octagon eyes and a hexagon nose (weirdo)...
But at least she didn't accidentally cut off one of her teeth like I did!
The whole family with the "family" of pumpkins
The finished products
We are a little dull in the pumpkin carving department.
Next year the goal is to actually plan ahead and do something creative
{aka print off a cool design from the Internet}.
Now we are all set for Halloween fun tomorrow when we go trick-or-treating.
I am excited to see our little chicken and cheerleader work those plastic orange pumpkins!

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