Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rainy Days

It's a pretty dismal day. It's raining and overcast.  A perfect day for laundry and dishes and bathroom cleaning x3. It's also a perfect movie day, which resulted in a cuddle session on the couch with two little girls and a DVD of The Lion King {aka "Simba movie"}.

And right after lunch, the doorbell rang and the mailman delivered a package for Bailey and Avery. Bailey knows what this means: Presents from Gramma Cathy!!
[This girl has been conditioned Pavlov style. She sees any package or even just a cardboard box and she is absolutely convinced it is for her from her grandma.]

Grandma Cathy always sends the best packages. And they look cute too.

And there was candy inside!

Along with the all-important candy was a book. It was one of those books where you can record your voice reading it.
The girls LOVED it.
I think Bailey was slightly amazed to hear Grandma Cathy's voice coming out of the book.
The girls love to read books. Bonus points if there are pictures of animals. And even better if the book reads itself to you!

Earlier in the week when it was nice out, Bailey was playing the role of official leaf raker.
She loves to feel helpful.
And being buried in the leaves proved to be just as fun.

I am pretty excited for the upcoming weekend.

For one it is my birthday on Sunday. Not such a big deal anymore (really, after 21, it is all down hill) but I am excited to receive mail, especially mail that might actually contain money instead of demanding it. ;)  Also, my wonderfully talented husband always bakes me a delicious cake. And pretty sure cake is my favorite food, so that also has me excited.

On Friday Beaner will be home for a 3-day weekend, so we will be hitting up the new Mexican restaurant in town with her and Justy. Mucho chips and salsa for me; mucho margaritas for everyone else...

Then on Saturday Jared and I are heading to Sioux City to do some serious shopping and spend the day together. I am excited to get all our Christmas shopping done (I am determined to be done before Baby) and go out to eat for my birthday.   Endless shrimp here we come!  It might be our last little hurrah before I am chained to the couch 24/7 in a nursing tank top covered in spit up.
(Only 6 weeks - or less - left!)

Hopefully Sunday will be a low-key. Church in the morning and cake eating all day long. Some football. More cake.  Sounds pretty amazing to me.


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the comment about being chained to the couch wearing a nursing tank covered in spit up. I'm not looking forward to it....but I am a little. Good luck with the shopping, and Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! Are you guys expecting #3?? If so, I hadn't heard - congrats!

  2. Yep- number 3. oops :) Apparently all of the fertility from the rain on Shelby and JD's wedding day went to the bridesmaids.

    1. Obviously! We are apparently all on the same baby timeline. :) Your blog is called "My Life with the Boys"... are you hoping for some pink in there??


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