Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Fest 2012

Seeing as it barely rained this morning and soon turned into a beautiful day, we hit up the local pumpkin patch for a few hours of fun.

I called up my mom and dad and they came along with us. Going and picking out pumpkins wasn't something we ever did as kids, so my parents got to experience it for the first time too.

There were quite a few different activities for kids of all ages, but mostly kids Bailey's age or a bit older. She wasn't quite sure about doing the trampoline with harness. It took some persuasion by Jared to get her to give it a try. But once she got the hang of it, she was all smiles.

However, the "corn pool" was a hit for both kids. The "pool" was actually like a giant sandbox, but instead of sand it was filled with 175 bushels of corn.

Avery, the poor thing, spent the better part of the day attempting to escape frequent Kleenex attacks by both Grandma and Mom.
{But on the positive side, the tooth finally broke through today! Maybe the end is in sight?}

There was a kid's zip line as well. Bailey was too young to be trusted to actually use it as intended, but we improvised and Jared pushed her along instead.
Maybe next year.


We finished the day off with a hay ride to pick out a few pumpkins.

Earlier my dad stuck a piece of straw in his mouth, which made Bailey laugh. So on the hay ride, she took one piece and put it in Papa's mouth and put another in her mouth.
They both rode nearly the whole ride like this:

You can't even stage a picture like this.
This girl just makes me laugh.
It was a nice day with beautiful weather and kids that didn't whine even once during the 3 hours we were at the Pumpkin Fest. Follow that up with an early bedtime of 7 pm and I would say the day was a success. :)


  1. This is so adorable. Love Dad and Bailey with the straw! Precious!

  2. Now thats a heck of a pumpkin patch!! They had so much to do that was fun and different!

    You got some euber cute pictures of the girls and family -- love them! We were going to go to go to a thing called Smoke on the Water and a pumpkin patch this weekend but uhm, we had monsoons off and on...quite literally. Maybe in 2wks we will be able to go (next wkend is drills for jib so it'll be a 14 day stretch of work...yippee)!

    The girls love their grandparents so much -- pictures with them are so precious!


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