Tuesday, October 30, 2012

35 weeks

{or 36 weeks if going by my original dates...}

It's going so fast.

Bailey made her grand debut at 36 weeks exactly.
And she weighed over 7 pounds.
So that goes to explain why when Baby moves it looks like a tidal wave of limbs rolling to the other side in my stomach.

I would like to pretend that the extra weight I have gained in the past week or so has been going directly to Baby. But it obviously isn't. It is going to my now-enormous ankles - easily a +4 on the pitting edema scale - and is creating a truly outstanding double chin. And Jared had to go and point out that I will look even more amazing once they pump me full of IV fluids. Can't wait.

But I can't complain about much else.
I still sleep great. I have to change position every time Baby changes sides because its little butt gets wedged uncomfortably high. But even that isn't a big deal. With a husband that works nights, I get a big ol' bed all to myself. Plus the girls have been sleeping in until 8 or 8:30 every morning -which is absolute heaven.
I am still waddling around just fine. I might look like I just had hip surgery when I get up from sitting too long, but at least I am moving! And tennis shoes? Forget about it. Flip flops are my friend and will be until there is snow on the ground, no matter how many comments I get from old people at the grocery store.

Baby's eventual name is still a work in progress. 
I know. Huge surprise, right?
We have it narrowed down to two options (I think?) for the girl name. The boy name... not so much.
Inspiration really needs to strike. And soon.


  1. I had to come look at this post again...I didn't see the pic of your beautiful self yesterday when I read it!!! Oh my gosh u are the cutest EVER!!! Its TOTALLY CREEPY, but I wish I could rub and feel ur tummy. I'm always going to be sad that I didn't get that...You look fantastic. It'll be anyday now :) :)

    1. Thanks Angie. It helps that Jared is a smart man and knows to take pictures at a downward angle. ;) I totally wouldn't be creeped out by a good belly rub. It doesn't bother me in the slightest. And I know what you mean - nothing compares to rubbing your over-extended stomach and feeling a little life squirm around in there.


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