Friday, October 12, 2012

Week recap

It's been pretty boringly normal around here lately. We haven't taken any cute pictures of the girls in a while because the snot pouring out of their noses kinda ruins any decent shot. The weather has been bordering on cold so we have spent some days cuddled up inside.

In fact, I am not really sure where the week went...

On Monday afternoon my mom came and watched the girls for a few hours so Jared and I could get out of the house to celebrate his birthday. We went shopping for a couple hours - just browsing around, discussing Christmas presents for the girls, choosing new knobs for the nursery dresser... It was nothing fantastic really, but at the same time it was. I can't remember the last time we shopped without making a grocery stop to Walmart along the way. It was heaven.

We ate dinner together and I enjoyed Jared's complimentary birthday cheesecake for him since he has cut out junk food and most carbs for the past month or more. {Side note: what is a manly word for "diet"?} He has more willpower than I can ever hope for. He is down 20-plus pounds now. [Yay Jared!] And I am apparently picking them up as he drops them off... Anyway, the turtle cheesecake was delicious, as was the basket of bread I almost finished by myself. In my defense, there were flavored butters!

The rest of the week has been a blur of randomness.

*This week's doctor's appointment got cancelled and I was fine with it. It's pretty annoying to drive 30 minutes to see the doctor for two minutes and then drive back home. Baby is in there constantly shifting around to find the most uncomfortable (for me) position, so I think we are good to go.
*I got a haircut - talk about long overdue. This pregnancy has left my hair feeling like a horse's mane no matter what products I use. Not cool.
*I took a lot of naps. Long naps.
*Jared finished refinishing the dresser for the nursery, so we rearranged furniture. {It's completely sad how this excites me.} Now we are just waiting for the knobs to arrive. $6 per knob at Menard's? Yeah, not so much. Thank you, Hopefully in the next week or two we will finish the room by actually hanging something on the walls.

Today I worked for a few hours in the afternoon once Jared was up to watch the girls. And in keeping with our exciting lifestyle as of late, after I got home, Jared and I sat down to watch a DVR'ed episode of SVU. He made it about 3/4 of the way through and was snoring on the couch Dad-style. Working nights really leaves something to be desired in the whole companionship department; he was asleep in bed by 9 pm.

Hopefully this weekend is less of a bust. The forecast for tomorrow is rain and I sincerely hope that comes with some thunder as well. I did not come anywhere close to getting my fill of thunderstorms this past summer. The plan is for a comfy, game-filled day tomorrow and a trip to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that poor Jared isn't lulled to sleep by the hay ride.

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