Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bailey turns 3

Our little lady turns three years old today.
Happy Birthday Bailey Boo!
We celebrated Bailey's birthday this past Saturday at our home with family.
She was very excited.
Whenever another person pulled up in the driveway, she would look out the window and yell, "More presents! Look, Mom, more presents!"
Oh, the joy of being a 3 year-old.
Presents are fun. Avery was dying to get in on the action, and Bailey was nice enough to oblige. She actually was requesting Avery's help to open every present. 
(Such a good big sister! - at least that minute anyway.)

Bailey and her main man, Elmo.
Avery not only helped open the presents, but she volunteered to model Bailey's new shoes (from Aunt Fe of course) too.
And so stylish with the dress!
And then came the moment Bailey had been waiting for:
Cake Time.
More specifically, ELMO cake time.
Ever since we received the cake mold in the mail, Bailey has asked every day for some Elmo cake. That is three straight weeks of begging.
Apparently the cake did not disappoint.
Good to the last drop... of frosting.
{And yes, we eat birthday cake shirtless in our house.
Elmo's blood red color would have been quite hard on her new dress}
Her party was a definite success, right down to the classy decorating Jodie and I did with some crepe paper from Dollar General.  Fancy, huh?
Today - her actual birthday - is going to be more low key. We saved our presents for her to open today and we are planning some pizza for supper.
Happy 3rd Birthday, Bailey!

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  1. Oh how I love...LOVE...these pictures! Bailey is so beautiful, so grownup! Seeing her with her cake melted my heart...oh the excitement!!!

    I can't imagine begging for 3 weeks!!! haha elmo is a pretty slick guys tho with all the ladies so she had reason to be excited haha

    Sounds like the day was a total success -- Happiest of birthday Bailey...The Powers' Clan loves you sweetheart!!!


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