Friday, February 1, 2013

Playing Together

We're on the mend here in the Solko household.
Everyone had some form of the flu this week - with the exception of Graham.
And I have done so many loads of laundry, I lost count.

While Jared and I are back to normal, the girls are still taking it easy. Multiple bouts of diarrhea have plagued Bailey and Avery is only eating a few bites of food here and there. (This is the girl who has eaten 3 large pieces of pizza in one sitting before.)

This week we have just been in survival mode.
Clothes only get changed when they get puked/pooped on. (Which has been several times a day sadly.) And typically we have just been rockin' the pj's.

We have watched a large variety of Disney movies - much to the girls' disappointment. All they want is Simba 24/7. 

Food has consisted largely of crackers, toast and soup. And juice.

In short, I feel pretty lazy.
And truthfully, with a new(er) baby at home, we have been in survival mode a lot of days. Most days I feel a sense of accomplishment if everyone is fed, gets a nap, and takes a bath.

I see posts from Facebook friends and read blogs online about all the cool, fun learning activities other moms are doing with their preschool-age kids. And I will admit it: I feel a bit guilty. I have two toddlers that could be benefiting from finger painting and homemade crafts... I should be doing that too, right?

I want to be a good mom that spends her days teaching her kids new skills and playing educational games, but lately, between talking them into eating their lunch and breaking up fights over toys (and feeding a 2 month-old every 2-3 hours) I have very little motivation left.  Throw in the flu and I am done for. And in all honesty, the thought of the clean-up after fingerpainting is way too much for me.

My patience has been really tried lately. Bailey's attitude and defiance at every turn is enough to make me want to tear my hair out some days. It's so very hard to be patient and let her do things her own way (ie: takes forever), especially when Graham is downstairs crying or I just want to go have a few minutes of peace. I need to try harder.

Bailey has been very into playing together lately. Sometimes she asks at a bad time - when I am feeding Graham or Jared's preparing supper - but I try to say yes when I can.

This morning she asked: We play together? 
So we went shopping.

Little Sister already knows how to swipe the plastic.
Rolling up with a cart full of veggies.

Brother observed from his swing.
{Doesn't he sort of look like George Costanza here? Maybe it's just me...}

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