Friday, February 8, 2013


Oh wait... Fridays don't mean jack to me. 
Unfortunately I don't get a weekend off from my job {aka my children}.
As much as I love them, they are driving me nuts.

My head is throbbing from all the screaming today. All three of them. It was an afternoon screaming group session. And they even had nice, long naps!
Right now I am clinging to what little sanity I have left.

Thankfully they are all now in bed.
They may not be sleeping, but hopefully that is coming.

Sweet Jesus that girl is stubborn. She knows what she wants and she isn't going to back down. I am sure some day that will be a good character trait in certain ways, but right now, it makes me have to count to 10 and take a deep breath. And then repeat. And sometimes repeat a third time...

We are back on the potty training bandwagon. She holds it and can go on her potty on demand, so the only hold-up is her lack of desire to actually do it. We are trying to fuel that desire by any means possible; candy, ice cream, stickers, trips to the store with Daddy - you name it, we have probably offered it.

For the last two days we have refused to let her wear a diaper or any pants. She actually was begging for her diaper yesterday. It has forced her to actually sit down and get the deed done. She is still resisting, but we haven't budged. No potty, no ice cream. Like the rest of her family members: food wins out.

She has been the most well-behaved of the bunch, believe it or not. She likes to get a good bite of Bailey's shoulder every now and again, but she resisted the urge today. Apparently she just didn't want to feel left out, so she joined her little brother and big sister in their respective screaming sessions today - just for fun.

Tonight is her first night in her big-girl bed. Neither Jared or I thought it would be a big deal. She already goes and lays in that bed every night after her bath and snuggles up under the covers. But apparently shit got real when the baby gate went up and the light got turned out. It wasn't 30 seconds before the hysterics started in. Currently Jared is up lying beside her while she falls asleep. Bailey is lightly singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" from her bed in the same room; whether out of a desire to serenade them to sleep or to help herself avoid sleep at all costs, I don't know or care at this point.

Sweet little Graham. How much trouble can a 11 week-old baby be, right? Well truthfully, not much. He is cute and cuddly. Or at least he is when I am holding him. And he almost enjoys his swing these days, so I do get a little break sometimes.

He really struggles with the bottle. (and not in the AA way.) We have been working with all kinds of different bottles. He HATES them. Today it took 45 minutes for half an ounce, and I am pretty sure half of that dribbled out of his mouth onto the burp cloth. Wonderful! he is eating less than 10 ml if it doesn't come directly from the tap. I have some afternoon shifts scheduled starting next week, and he is already making it hard on himself and me! I don't know how I can actually return to full-day shifts when he won't eat at all. He is going to starve himself those first days.

Other than that, he is pretty good. Now if he would just follow in his sisters' footsteps and start sleeping a full 8-10 hours every night. Both of them already were by this point. I can't really complain though. He usually sleeps 6 or so hours straight. And I make good use of the 3 am wake-up call by catching up on all my guilty pleasure shows: Y&R, Fashion Police, The Soup, or any other show Jared rolls his eyes at. Plus the Y&R plot lines seem so much more believable when you are half-asleep.

This turned into a big vent. Apologies.
Parenting is hard. {Duh.}
And right now, wine is starting to sound like an absolute necessity.
Bed sure isn't an option since I can hear Avery's happy squeals all the way down here.
Go to bed, child! {because I really really want to.}


  1. I read that a little reverse psychology can work with the bottle: pull it back out of his mouth to make him increase suction on it. Worth a try...

    1. Thanks. I am grateful for any advice. Unfortunately I have tried that. And maybe it would work, but he never gets suction to begin with. :( Definitely the downside of a breastfed baby, I can't seem to ever escape!

  2. "Stop talking to me." -Bailey

    You guys are too much alike - stubborn and independent. It is going to be fun to watch you two butt heads. :)


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