Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bottle Drama

I didn't realize how difficult this could really be.

Babies just take bottles, right?

We are having major bottle drama.
Mr. Man doesn't think it is necessary (or even humane) for him to have to learn how to take a bottle.
We have tried for weeks.
And we have tried quite a few options.
A few nights ago I even dug out Bailey's special cleft bottles to see if they would work. He wouldn't even take those!

It is so frustrating. 
And I know he is frustrated too; he doesn't understand why he can't just have the boob whenever he wants it.
A drive up window serving perfectly warm breast milk 24 hours a day.
He doesn't realize that him being constantly chained to my side is a wee bit annoying. And impractical. Mama would like a night away, and unfortunately the boobs have to come with me.

Today while trying for the umpteenth time with the same bottle, we had a small margin of success.
The girls were watching Sesame Street and Graham heard a song and turned away from me toward the TV. He was distracted so I thought it might be a good chance to try again. While in a TV coma, he absentmindedly let me put the nipple in his mouth and at one point seemed to actually suck on it. A step in the right direction!
{I am taking my victories where I can get them, people.}

The worst part of all this is that to make the transition easier, I am using pumped milk. So I have to pump and store it so that it is in the fridge when we need it. And after all that effort, it sucks to see it wasted when he won't eat any of it.
I definitely do not pump for the fun of it.
Not that it is painful or all that horrible, but it's 15 minutes each time and extra dishes: pump parts, bottles, nipples... All to wash it down the drain or watch it leak out of his mouth while he protests.

I am not sure what else to do - short of buying out the entire bottle aisle at Target.
So if you have been there, I appreciate any advice.
Through researching and talking to the pediatrician's office I feel like we have tried about everything, but ya never know. Some times other moms/caregivers have great tips that could really help out.


  1. I wish I had some magic trick for you, but sadly I don't. I can totally sympathize on both accounts of pumping & wasting, and trying nearly every bottle/nipple there is. We were SO DESPARATE for Jocelyn to take any nipple and DRINK anything since she didn't have the strength to breast feed. Thank GOD he can at least breastfeed so well, but you NEED him to take a bottle!

    Thinking of the breast milk...

    I pumped and pumped through our NICU stay and once home. I had to do 20-30mins and the most I ever made from BOTH boobs is 3oz...That’s it and that’s with pumping every 3-4hrs religiously for months. So when it was wasted, I was always so discouraged and upset. Then once we got home with all my frozen breast milk, I started to use some of the frozen stuff so it wouldn't go bad. Boogs wouldn't drink it and it smelled funny. Know what I found out? I had an enzyme in my milk that basically made it spoil if it wasn't pasteurized!!!! Wtf? Have you ever heard of such a thing?? I about had a nervous was seriously the last straw! And of course Justin goes "well, at least we found out why she won't drink it" and never mind that my nipples were about to fall off because I wasn't a good heifer!! much drama!

    I sure hope you guys find something that works soon!!!

    1. hahaha! Leave it to a man to just say. "Well at least we found out." Umm... that is not making me feel better since I have not slept longer than 3 hours in months in an effort to produce this damn milk! The things we do for our kids!

      I have heard of one other person saying that. She pumped at the same time as me in our pump room at work. She said she couldn't freeze her milk because her son wouldn't take it and it would smell weird. So she pumped every single day, even when at home on her days off, so he would have milk in the fridge at all times. That would have stressed me out! By 8 months Avery was a huge pig and I could barely keep up with her. We gradually ran out of our freezer stockpile and were going day to day. Whatever it takes I guess.

      He is doing better now. Although I was gone for an hour and a half on Saturday night and he woke up at 11 and refused to take a bottle for Jared. I came home from what I was doing


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