Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Holy Hobby Lobby!

We escaped our house the other night and left the girls behind with Aunt Justy to do their usual: hot dogs, (nasty) boxed mac n' cheese, and Disney movie watching.
Graham came along with us while we ran errands in Fort Dodge.
He still isn't taking a bottle well.
We have been trying for weeks. I think we have tried 4 different bottles and nipples - including ones made for breastfed babies that are refusing the bottle. The only way he actually drinks even an ounce from the bottle is if I end up doing it - defeating the whole purpose.

I liked when Jared and I used to be able to load up and spend a whole afternoon and actually go to every store we wanted.
Ahh...those were the days...
Now it is more pick-and-choose what is most important. And where we go to eat depends on whether or not the restaurant has a booth where I can {somewhat} comfortably nurse the baby.

One of our stops was Hobby Lobby.
It happens every time I enter the store.
I go in for one or two items and come out $100 poorer. But we always end up finding things for house projects and little decorations for the kids' rooms, which are still a work in progress.

We are working on decorating Graham's room. Avery still occupies the room, but we are going to start to move her into her big-girl bed in Bailey's room soon. So far, we haven't hung a single thing. We didn't decorate before because we wanted to do it gender-specific and we didn't plan to find out the sex (Whoopsies...) ahead of time. So it is a blank canvas.

We bought some large wood letters to spell out his name just like we did in the girls' room.
{A blog coming in the near-future to show the finished product.}
We also found some cute pictures to hang on the wall and items for the bookcase.
We bought a bunch of other things to work on, but we only completed two yesterday.
Large Hanging Initial
We bought a large wooden letter S {which was 50% off - just like half of Hobby Lobby always is}, two paint colors, one crackle paint, and some ribbon.
We painted down the dark brown color. It took a couple coats because the wood really soaked it up. Then painted on the crackle paint. After that we had to wait about half an hour for it be "tacky" enough to paint on the blue. After the blue was painted on, it had the crackle look.
We finished up by painting the side of the S the same blue color.
All that was left to do was attach the ribbon and hang it up.
It's currently hanging near the front door in our breezeway, which is a good spot for it because this space needs all the help it can get!

Kitchen Chalkboard
We have this really weird area of clear blocks in our kitchen. They overlook the stairway going to the basement and serve no purpose. I am not sure why the original owners put them in when they did the addition. They are just awkward.
I thought that hanging a chalkboard over it might be a nice solution.
Weird, right?
So we bought a large chalkboard for $12.99 at Hobby Lobby.
{Or it might have been half that. I can't remember.}
Jared taped around it and painted the edges white.
We mounted it on the wall and put some decorative ribbon on it, and we were good to go.
Much better, right?
We thought about buying some spray that makes the surface magnetic; then the girls would be able to use their magnetic letters and numbers on it, but we left it as is for now.
We still need to do some further decorating, but this is a pretty good start in my book.
Also while out and about, we stopped at Target and spent more money than we anticipated there, too. I found cute lamps for both kids' rooms AND a lamp for the sofa table in our living room. So three lamps... Random.
We also picked up other things (aka the things we were actually supposed to be shopping for) like gifts for our soon-to-be born niece, due to arrive in less than a week now. (Just to clarify: Jared's sister, not mine.)
So that is all the crafting/decorating I have for now. I will post more of our projects as we get them completed.

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  1. I thought you weren't crafty?? These were GREAT ideas, look fantastic and the whole chalkboard thing? It changed the entire look of the wall! It'll be sweet to leave each other notes too! :) And the crackle paint came out great - feminine yet masculine!

    Totally feel you btw about the whole "picking & chosing" where you go thing!!! When we want to go somewhere to eat, we always have to make sure there is a place & room for J's wheelchair. Shockingly in 2013, A LOT of places just aren't up-to-speed with all that!! And yea, I'm not about to pull that damn WC out at any old place, we gotta have a good purpose haha Dang thing is H.E.A.V.Y!!! :P


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