Friday, February 15, 2013

Cold Turkey

The milk factory is on strike.

After days of researching and trying every possible trick to get Graham to take a bottle, we decided to go cold turkey starting first thing this morning.
No more milk from mom.
(just for today.)

It is going surprisingly well.
He took very little the first go round.
But this second time he drained the bottle 3 different times. Granted there was only an ounce in each bottle - didn't want that hard-earned milk to go to waste!
Jared has been using cartoons to distract him while he eats and I have been keeping my distance.

Other than pumping, I have more than enough to do before going in to work at 3 PM; mainly getting the house cleaned up and ready for a birthday party tomorrow.

We are celebrating Bailey's 3rd birthday tomorrow with family.
I can't believe she is three already.
The time really does fly.

Also on the agenda for this weekend: Graham's baptism on Sunday.

The weekend is going to go quickly.

And randomly, a funny picture for today:

Syrup is the perfect hair gel substitute.
Jared's picture title: There's Something About Avery

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  1. ha! love the pic -- shes so funny! Seriously, she has the PERFECT cheesier face!

    Congrats on the bottle drinking!!!! Omg did you do a victory dance?? hahaha Almost make you so excited you could pee hahaha

    I've heard the cold turkey thing works a lot...just REALLY hard to do so kuddos to you and Jared! You make a great team!!

    I sure hope work went well...was that your 1st time back since having Graham?

    And ps -- can't wait to see all the pics of the bday and baptism. Three already -- geez! We are right behind ya'll...craziness I tell ya!


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