Sunday, February 3, 2013

Paid off

This month of February is the last month that I will be sending in a check to pay for our car.
We finally have our Honda Pilot paid off!
It was the first vehicle Jared and I picked out together. It's been my favorite vehicle.
(And if you know my dad, you know that I have driven A LOT of vehicles! I think I had 4 different cars by the time I was 16.) Anyway, I digress...
After 36 months, we officially own our vehicle outright. I don't like having debt, so this excites me!

And our other vehicle - my super cool Pontiac Grand Am from the year 2000 - it is still kicking.
**Knock on wood**

It seems every other month or so it gives us cause for concern.
Something goes wrong and we think, "This is it. We are going to have to buy another car."
But it's just a false alarm. The old girl just keeps on a-kickin'.
Sexy, isn't she?
Jared hates this car. Hates it.
I am not exactly sure why.
Maybe it's because it isn't the manliest of vehicles. (Or even close.)
Or because it's an annoying two-door.
Or because you feel like you are riding about one foot above the pavement.
Or because the radio plays approximately 3 stations. 4 on a good day.
Or because the heat or air only works while on the high setting.
Or because if you drive over 70 65 60 mph it starts to shake. Just a little bit...

Me, I don't mind it so much.
My parents bought me this car back in 2004 after my first year of college. I got zero say in the matter, but it was better than what I had been driving before, so I was happy.  And all the annoying things wrong with it don't really bother me. It's like an old friend (or husband) with quirks; you just get used to them. It has done well by me. I made many a trip from Kansas and back in this baby and it never left me down.
And the number one reason why I like it:
it's 100% paid for. (And bonus points because I wasn't the one who paid for it in the first place!)

So I am praying the old girl keeps on keepin' on.
It's only got about 128,000 miles. It's still got a lot of good life left! (Plus that whole paid for thing...)
I know in a few years - as I am hoping to put it off as long as possible - we'll have to get a mini van.
{Yes, Jared, a mini-van. Start getting your mind wrapped around the idea now.}
Right now we only have one vehicle that can haul all the kids and the three carseats that come along with them. Eventually one kid will have to go one place, while another goes somewhere else. That is where the mini-van comes in. Our tiny two-door Grand Am just isn't practical. But for right now, it's working.
Plus I would like to enjoy the feeling of no longer having a car loan for a while.

Now if those student loans would just disappear...
I know, I know. Wishful thinking.

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