Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's start at the very beginning; a very fine place to start.

I have been slowly arriving at this point for the last 13 or so weeks.
After gaining 50 pounds during pregnancy (holy shit, yeah I know...) and coming home with the realization that our baby did NOT in fact weigh 20+ pounds, it's no surprise that I am still hanging on to a final 15-20 pounds. I say 15-20 because every morning on the scale is a different number. Just when I think it's only 15, the next few days tell a slightly heavier tale.

So it is time to do something.

So far I have been clinging to the hope of the magical breastfeeding myth. The one where all your pregnancy weight (plus some) disappears just by the simple act of breastfeeding your child. I think every post-partum woman prays for this to happen. And honestly, with Avery it did. I lost all my pregnancy weight by 6 weeks, and by the time she was 8 months old, I had lost the extra 13 pounds left over from Bailey as well.
I am tired of feeling fat and witnessing way too many double-chins in recent pictures.
And while I have been seeing the scale gradually decreasing since about 8 weeks post-partum, it has been slow going...
probably due to a variety of factors, including but not limited to:
 *  Christmas and its delicious treats
 *  Bailey's birthday and the cake, cupcakes, and pizza that came along with it
 *  a certain 3 month-old who sleeps very sporadically
 *  this winter weather
Living in the Midwest during the winter basically guarantees you will be stranded indoors for a good four months. I don't have access to a gym, and we don't have exercise equipment at our house. And I am not venturing outside with several inches of snow on the ground. Period.
I have decided to do a couple things.
One - Cut out the junk food.
I have a sick habit for chocolate and any of its variations. I just bought 3 large Sam's Club bags of delicious Easter candy (think small Reese's peanut butter eggs) to hide for the girls on Easter morning and I had to beg Jared to hide it from me until Easter. I have no self-control when it comes to seasonal Reese's products...
Two - Workout videos - meaning the free variety you find on the Internet.
Three - Write my plan on this blog so that I can hold myself more accountable.

Today was Day #1.
I looked up free online workout routines. There were quite a few promising-looking ones. I picked one that was low-impact cardio for beginners. It was 30 minutes long. I meant to just start with a simple 5 or 10 minute video, but this one looked harmless enough. I hooked the Ipad up to the TV and cleared all the toys out of the living room. (That alone was a 5 minute workout. Sad, but true.) Some of the exercises recommended 2-lb weights, so I scrounged up a couple cans of Hunt's tomato sauce to do the trick.

I put Graham on a blanket on the floor out of harm's way and the girls and I got ready to exercise. Of course they saw me with my "weights" and needed some of their own. So Bailey was pumping iron with some Rotel and Avery had some mini cans of green chilies.

It was a good video. The lady went slow enough to let you figure out the moves before starting, very necessary for me. Beginner, remember? It was 7 different exercises for one minute each, with some of them requiring one minute for each leg. Then those same exercises were repeated two more times through.
The first set of 10 minutes was easy. Me and my tomato sauces were doing excellent.
The second time through I was feeling a bit less energetic. It was harder to dodge roaming toddlers.
By the third set, I had put down the sauce! My arms were heavy enough as it was. But Bailey wasn't having that. She ran to get my discarded tomato sauces. Mommy, you need your cans! Okay, okay. Even my own child is telling me to suck it up.

By the end of the video I was thoroughly sweating and cursing that skinny, smiling bitch leading the exercises. Easy for her to do - her part was edited in different small clips. It was just the same loop of her and her refreshed looking smile, maintaining the same demanding speed, looking like she was enjoying herself. And every time I would start to slow down, the narrator would say Keep up that same speed from earlier! Or when I thought to myself, "My form sucks. Oh well..." he would insert Remember - form is important!  It's like that dude was right in my living room.

I think I will stick with the videos. With easy access to a variety via the Internet, I can switch it up and have a variety. And the girls enjoyed it too for the most part. After the exercise video I pulled up YouTube, and we danced to a few different music videos. Anything that gets me up and moving is a step in the right direction.

I have no delusions that I am going to weigh as much as I did back in high school. Or that I am going to change into some person who loves exercise. (because I definitely don't.)
I just want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and maintain from there.
Plus, with the exception of only three months, I have been in either maternity or nursing-friendly clothing for the past 4 years.
That is a long time. I am way overdue for a new wardrobe. (At least I am once this one stop eating from me - aka probably another 9 months minimum.) And I would prefer to fit into my old clothes again in the meantime.

So if anyone wants a good laugh, feel free to cruise past our house mid-morning. Through our big picture window you just might see me jumping around and doing all kinds of weird moves.
There might even be a tomato sauce can or two, especially if that drill sergeant Bailey is around.

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